behe-moth for real??? that hits a little close to home 2 


????? gus ?Q!?!!!? 

im getting emotional over fox n scully 


hello i am adorable

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do u rmbr that thing ‘the wilderness downtown’ that google thing omfg find it if u haven’t seen

holy shit??? that must’ve been like one of the first things we talked about that was like #1 bloggin days sarah!! like.. way back in the day..

everry1 check out:: if u can i just tried it n it seemed a bit :/// on my mac but it should be good i think i just haven’t figured it out also it’s really cool

i was gonna post about what my fave song was n it just went to another song and now i think that song is … we used to wait orrrr une annee sans lumiere i THINK maybe one of the neighbourhoods.. . maybe ready to start NO suburban war, neon bible .. . I dont KNOW 

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The like big group vocals in wake up/no cars go/rebellion lies strike a chord deep inside of me tbh

im listening to each one of these i already know they’re gonna b v bad for my frail heart 

i once cried after 3 hours of sigur ros but tbh i deserved that 

ummm it is defs regine’s band…

ok i feel dragged for good reason my apologies ur so right.. like i love when they sing in french @arcadefirelyrics love u

why is this happening to me why am i getting so emotional over win butler and his band of 50

no offence i love arcade fire so fucking much 

how th e f is this movie still goin like it’s ok but 

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Hmmm we should go to that hey Jupiter place on Ebenezer! It’s French. Ur going to France… It works out



"Shrooms? Over Gradient, Tinder Moment"

Lauren, 2014, 3 hours ago

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"Shrooms? Over Gradient, Tinder Moment"Lauren, 2014, 3 hours ago