a tiny variation changes everything

ripples in life that amount to a breath in a windstorm


One Mo Gin by D’Angelo 

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found my experimental crying pictures back from oct/nov


Violent Soho - Covered In Chrome 

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Brendan George Koproof of existence

99 yes im still doin this number shit BRO unfortunately i just want ot say no but i keep saying yes bc each person that asks is a classic person so idk u know idk. ANYWAY ur really cool i like reading ur thoughts and opinions on the stuff u reblog, i like that you’re not afraid to just say when you think someone is wrong, and articulate why!? i wish i was still gonna hit up melbs this weekend i’d wanna hang w/u v badly glad we have eachother on insty now too lmao love u 

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i want some1 to take an edgy photo of me squinting into the sun//at the camera like not being able to see at all i want to be unaware of the pic being taken thanks for ur time 

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000 idk if thats a number but i love u ur a perth homie u been followin since doyouwanttogo (EtC)(EUGH) u changed ur url way more times then deleted then changed more WHO R U ur an enigma i love that u have such a internet thing goin on u love the internet and u love people i love those warm heartfelt posts even when they not about me they’re so great and honest and kind i love them ur a gd person keep bein a good person ily 

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when u ask “am i real?” u are asking the wrong question. u should be asking “do i have a soft belly, that i can pat” and if the answer is yes then everything else is trivial

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why are you all so attracted to that white man with the questionable hair from the 1975

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Anonymous asked: wow you are very attractive you are the most attractive man i've ever seen on this site congrats


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we found the prequel to meet the parents